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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers, but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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Weston Toy Co

This is the Brand name of the items that we produce ourselves.

Initially, we started many years ago, when we produced the first accurate copies of the Timpo Stage Coach and Wagon reins sets.

Now we have ventured further, and can offer just the start of what we hope will delight Collectors across the World.



Just 13.00 a set.

SPECIAL PRICE - 2 sets for 20.00

British WWII D-Day figures.

Sized to fit with TSSD and Conte figures



Want a Bargain?

Buy 1 each of our South of the Border Range and save 10.00!!

1 set of Gunfighters, 1 set of Mexican bandits, 1 set of Mexican Peasants and 1 set of Mounted Mexican Bandits.

35.00 instead of 45.00

That's better than Post/Shipping free!!


Buy one each of our WWI Tanks for just 25.00, save 3.00 on regular price!



"Trail Drive"

This set is a limited production run of just 500, and we anticipate that these will ONLY be available direct from us, after which there will be no more.

So don't hesitate, as these will become Collector's Items and eventually rise in price.

Made in high quality Poli-Resin.

Consists of 4 all-new mounted figures, 2 each of 2 all-new Cow Ponies and 2 each of 3 all-new Longhorns (made by us for Sarum Soldiers), these are the best quality Longhorns available.

1. The Trail Boss looking back at the herds progress, mounted on the first of the 2 new horses.

2. The Dude riding Point, mounted on the second of the 2 new horses.

3. The Flank or Swing Rider rider shown here on our horse from the mounted Mexicans set.

4. The Drag Rider brings up the rear and gets to eat the trail dust, shown mounted on our new horses and also the horse from the mounted Mexicans set.


Side views of the mounted Cowboys and shown on the new horses and also our mounted Mexican Horses which are available separately.

Set 1 contains 1 each of the 4 cowboys, 2 each of the 2 walking horses and 2 each of 3 different Longhorn Cattle. 

So that's 4 mounted figures, 4 horses and 6 Longhorn cattle.  

The Cattle will require the horns and 1 tail to be glued into place (mould limitations). 


Enhance your diorama with set 2

This contains 2 each of the 3 different Longhorn Cattle (6 Longhorns).



"South of the Border"

-a return to the Western.

We chose to do this subject because it has long been ignored by nearly all of the current manufacturers except for both Replicants and Gun-Ho.


Set 1. The Gunfighters. 10.00*

*see what these figures look like, once painted.

14 cowboys in 7 great action poses. No lemons here (nothing sucks!)

m5.jpg (28966 bytes)

m3.jpg (11135 bytes)

m2.jpg (22921 bytes) m6.jpg (24717 bytes)

m7.jpg (53116 bytes)

m4.jpg (17850 bytes) m1.jpg (28637 bytes)

 Will Leary sent us these pictures of how he has painted our Gunfighters - 

check out more of his amazing work at

(ours are supplied unpainted, see further down this page)

will 1.jpg (187373 bytes) will 2.jpg (208472 bytes)

will 3.jpg (194590 bytes)

What a fantastic job!


Set 2. The Mexican Bandits.  Just 10.00 for 16 figures.

16 figures in 8 mean and nasty poses. Everyone is a villain!

b9.jpg (39494 bytes)

b10.jpg (36703 bytes)



Set No. 4. The MOUNTED Mexican Bandits!

available right now, just 15.00.

Without horses, just the 8 different mounted figures, 8.00

(Supplied un-painted. These pre-production samples were painted by George Hanger).


Set 3. The Mexican Peasants.

(just some of the 8 poses)

16 figures in 8 poses. Just 10.00 (supplied in unpainted white plastic).


These were painted by Will Leary, Snr.


This selection were painted by Ian King


These were painted by George Hanger

 Brian McIver sent in these photos of his paint job on our figures, plus a few conversions that he has done. What a great job!



World War One tanks.


*Summer price special*

Buy any 2 WWI Tanks for just 25.00!!!!!!


Our German WW1 A7V and our Mexican Peasants

are available now!

A real monster of a tank, just bristling with fire power. This one has 6 moving machine guns - 2 on each side and 2 facing rearwards, plus a single cannon facing forwards!

Ready-made item, not a kit! 14.00 (approx $28.00 plus $9.00 shipping to the States).

 Measures 9" long (not including cannon or guns), 4" to top of look-out and 4" wide!

What a monster!

Just 14.00.


The British "Tadpole Tank

(Want a WW1 British Mark IV tank?
Convert out Tadpole by following the simple instructions given by Max Hundleby in the Toy Soldier Collector mag.
For a free copy of these instructions, send us an SAE. If you haven't bought one of our tanks as yet, then we will supply these with your purchase.)

Moving side cannons in moving turrets, and 3 moving machine guns plus a rear-mounted mortar.

Made to fit with both 1/35th (50mm) and 1/32 (54mm) figures.

Ready-assembled all-plastic construction.

Available now! A mere 14.00.

Too find out what people are saying about our own products under the Weston Toy Co banner read these reviews:-


YOUR comments:-

Hi Steve,

The soldiers and catalogue arrived today. The Mexicans are fantastic I'm going to enjoy painting these over the next few weeks.

Regards, Peter.


Stefan Merker - Germany.

Dear Steve,

I hope you had a good time in the USA and you enjoyed the Toy soldier shows.

But now I have to say congratulations for the new figures, you have done once again a very good job. South of border Mexicans are as brilliant as the Gunfighters. You promised not too much,  I am deeply impressend by the nice quality of these figures. They fit excellent to the Britains bandits. Of course I would like to order more of your figures:Please send me two sets of the mexican bandits and one set of the peasants..."


Anthony Foy-

"Dear Steve,
Just letting you know that my order of Mexican bandits and Peasants arrived this morning. The lightning speed of delivery and the very low price of postage is incredible. Thanks very much for both. Some of the robber barons on Ebay could learn a lot from the service that you offer. 
The Mexican bandits and peasants are really good, with the bandits especially, having extremely sharp, well defined detail..."

Ed Bearnson Provo, Utah. - Dear Steve,
"Those test shots (Mexican Bandits) are just awesome can't wait to get them in my hands. Steve and Linda Weston have made the western come alive in there new series, there figures are a breath of fresh air for a period too long neglected. "

Morph Mumford - "Just received the Mexican peasants - absolutely fantastic!!!"

Brian Maciver - "Hi Steve & Linda, The Mexican peasants came today and they look great! Can't wait to start painting."

Raymond Campbell - Order received, thanks, The Mexican peasants are excellent, the TSSD cavalry come a close second. (We don't think they are quite that good, but we are trying - and TSSD have set the Standard) Looking forward to those bandidos.

Nick ver Steeg, TSSD - "your guys are awesome!"

Richard Conte, Conte Collectables - "I love what you are doing with your cowboys/Mexicans!!

Rick Berry, Michigan Toy Soldiers - "I want to order some of your way cool WWI tanks.."

Jamie Delson, The Toy Soldier Co. -  "..firstly, congrats on the 'Magnificent Seven.." 

Stefan Merker, Germany - "You have done a very good job, the South of the Border Gunfighters are brilliant!!"

Alan Winsbury, Skirmish Wargames - "Great to see that you have the Western and Mexican ranges coming out"

Bob Kaden, Milford, Pennsylvania - "Your products are fantastic looking!!"

Chuck Dixon, USA - " Got my 'Tadpole' this week. Incredible piece and one that I have longed for"

Mikhail Glikin, Russia. - "You make outstanding figures!"

Peter Rushton, Leeds. " I love the look of the Magnificent Seven"

Roger Ross, Tennessee, USA - "It is easy to identify all seven of the gunfighters"

Ashley Needham, U.K. " The tank is fantastic!!"

Charles Dixon, USA " ..and now a German Tank! You should be nominated for Sainthood!!"  (wow!)

Norm Tuba, Marx Website - "another great looking WW1 Tank - a German A7V"

Patrick Mathews, WWI Museum, Kansas. "yes, we would like to stock your Tank!"

einaroneeye, Marx website - "...Steve Weston's lovely WWI armour..."


Thank you, guys, for all your support. It has made all of the frustrations of production worthwhile.