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We cater specifically for the 54mm-1/32 buyer of Plastic Toy Soldiers, but also have 50mm and 60mm items.

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9320 Russians Marching. 9.00

9321 Russians in action poses. 9.00 

9307 Wurttemburg Command. 11.50

9313 Bavarians Action poses. 9.00

9315 Bavarians Marching poses. 9.00

9319 Prussian Infantry Command. 11.50

Wurttemberg Jaegers, set 9306, 9.00

Prussian Infantry marching, set 9317, 9.00

Wurttemberg Jaeger Command.  9.00

Prussian Infantry.  9.00

Wurttemberg Grenadiers. 9.00.         

Wurttemberg Musketeers.9.00.         

French Elites in Greatcoats. 9.00. 

                                                          French Elites - Command. 11.50

French Command, 18 figures, 11.50.

French Volitigeurs, 18 figures, 9.00.

French Carabiniers, 18 figures in 6 poses, 8.50.

French Chasseurs, 18 figures in 6 poses, 9.00.

Brunswick Avante Garde 6.00



The equivalent price in the U.S. ( from A-i-P) is 9.70.

Our price: Just 9.50.

9.50 per box 

We are now offering these at 3 boxes for 25.00 for a limited time.


 Prussian Landwher.

British 95th. Rifles/ Portuguese Cacadores/Kings German Rifles.

(Same figures, just in different colours. )



 French Old Guard Artillery

Royal Horse Artillery

King's Royal Horse Artillery

Young Guard, 32nd line, 2nd Foreign, 3rd. foreign, 3rd Swiss, French Foot Artillery are same set.

(See notes on A-i-P page for sets that are the same)



20.00 for 16 figures

British Infantry.

This well-known 28mm Company has expanded their range into the 1/32 sector.

Obviously, these are going to be of interest to both Napoleonic and Alamo fans, who are looking to increase their Armies.

These are in the vain of the Airfix 54mm Collectors sets.




Napoleonic British Cavalry 14.50

 Napoleonic French Infantry, 14.50

Napoleonic Austrian Infantry 1798-1805, 10.50.

54mm French Supply Wagon with 4 crew. 23.50

British 95th. Rifles, 9.50


Mounted Mamelukes, 8.50

  French Artillery 12.50. (sold out)

French Artillery Train 24.00.

French Howitzer 24.00.

Allied General Staff  13.50

French General Staff, 10.50. British 95th. Rifles. 9.50

IT Fren Art Tr.jpg (23027 bytes) it fren gen.JPG (21332 bytes)
IT Hussars.jpg (29199 bytes)    

Austrians, set 1 9.50. Mounted Mamelukes, 13.50.


Blackcat Miniatures

Napoleonic Russian grenadiers

16 figures in 8 poses.

12.00 out of stock.

The photos show the front and back views of each figure.


Waterloo 1815

Waterloo 1815 Prussian Napoleonic. 13 54mm figures in assorted poses. 7.00






A Call To Arms

There are 14 sets of Napleonics to date from ACTA. All are 5.00 per box.

Scots Greys

ACTA scots.jpg (27312 bytes)


British Life Guards

ACTA Brit Life.jpg (37403 bytes)


Inniskilling Dragoons

ACTA Insk.jpg (41455 bytes)


French Light Infantry

ACTA Fren Light.jpg (40286 bytes)


Belgium Infantry

ACTA Belg.jpg (156572 bytes)


Dutch Infantry 

ACTA Dutch.jpg (138351 bytes)


British Foot Guards


 French Cuirassiers


French Line Infantry

ACTA Fren Light.jpg (40286 bytes)

French Dragoons


French Carabiniers


British Foot Artillery


British Nine Pound Cannon


Classic Toy Soldiers

Limber, Caisson and Cannon.

(Issued with Alamo Mexican crew)

This is a really long item, featuring a six-horse team.  20.00

sold as both Napoleonic and Alamo/Mexicans

3 different sets of foot figures. Each 12 figures for 12.00

sets numbered 1, 2 , 3.   Set 3 is shown with Imex limber-not included in price.

Mounted Cavalry, without horses . 12 figures. 12.00 (See CTS page)

with horses, 18.00

DCP05353.JPG (52538 bytes)

DCP05354.JPG (52986 bytes)

DCP05355.JPG (54638 bytes)



Dead Horses. 1.50 each in 3 poses.

(dead, very dead and extremely dead - no animals were hurt in the sculpting of these models!)


Battle-torn Farmhouse. 10.00  - see also the Dunker Church and the Burnside Bridge on the A.C.W. page and Buildings page.

DCP04062.JPG (78532 bytes)



(See the Replicants Page for Photos)


French  4.50 for 3 figures 

Sprue of arms available at 2.00

Naval Gun crew, 4 figures + Weapons chest, Lantern, Basket of shot & rack of cannonballs 8.00

Accessories without the figures above, 2.00

Royal Navy Marines, 6 figures, includes the casualty pse. 8.00

Nelson's Navy, set 2, including Lord Nelson and a casualty  pose. 5 figures, 7.00

Nelson's Navy (Master and Commander) plus a casualty pose,  for 6 figures  set 1. 8.00


British 95th. Riflemen  3 figs. 4.50

Cantiniere (Female 'Camp Follower')  1.00


Mounted Greatcoat figure with Napoleonic head. This figure comes with a sprue of 4 heads-

Napoleonic, War of Independance, Civil War Kepi, Civil War Campaign hat / Cavalry hat    5.00



re-issues from C.T.S.  

Scots Highland Infantry, 14 figures. 11.00


Sold as Alamo Mexicans, but ideal for Napoleonics.

DCP06209.JPG (88176 bytes)

DCP06210.JPG (89207 bytes)

Cannon, Ideal for most conflicts.  5.00. in stock now.

DCP05659.JPG (38753 bytes)